ООО «VolgogradNIPImorneft» is carrying out design-research works on oil, gas and gas-condensate fields construction, including all types of engineering support, living, social and production infrastructure, interfiled and main line transport facilities.

The enterprise is guided by Russian Federation law, regulatory documents of Russian Federation, State supervisory authorities requirements, departmental and industrial standards, orders and directions of General Director.

Being designing organization, ООО «VolgogradNPImorneft», performs the following works:

1) Onshore and offshore oil and gas fields’ construction facilities design.

2) Onshore and offshore main lines and infield pipelines design.

3) Development of main engineering and conceptual solutions.

4) Field designer’s supervision under facilities construction.

5) Processing procedures development.

6) Development of organization of construction project and offshore operations.

7) Detail design documentation development.

8) Investments justification and feasibility study, pre-design study.

9) Estimate documentation development.

10) Execution of clearance, loads, piles calculations.

11) Development of special sections: Environmental protection, Environmental impact evaluation, Civil defense and Emergency situations, Industrial safety, Fire safety, Reclamation project.

12) Initial data collection. Preliminary land allotment. Town plan execution.

13) Development of standards and other regulatory documentation.

14) Exercise General Designer functions.

15) Design documentation state appraisal at RF supervisory authorities.

16) Offshore engineering surveys and Temporary Local Technical Conditions follow-up.

17) Execution and follow-up of onshore engineering and ecological surveys.

ООО «VolgogradNIPImorneft» obtains two Certificates of Self-Regulatory Organizations for all the above mentioned works execution.

Main regions of activity of the enterprise are Low Volga, Western Siberia, Kalmyk Republic, North of European part of RF, water areas of Caspian Sea, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Sea of Azov, Barents Sea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.