Modern software allows developing projects of the high engineering superiority. Application of 3D technologies provides solutions accuracy and conformity of the designers’ activities, and as a result data model of the future project.  Modeling is carried out using AVEVA Marine software for the design of offshore platforms, process pipelines, equipment, steel structures, and Tekla Structures software for the design of building structures.


The following software is applied for calculations performing, analysis and simulation:

PRO II (SIMSCI) – process simulation and optimization

ГазКондНефть (GasCondNeft) – simulation of natural gas and oil collection and treatment technologies

PIPEPHASE (SIMSCI) – pipelines hydraulic design

Bentley AutoPIPE Pluspipelines and support structures stresseddeformed state calculation and analysis

СТАРТ Проф (START Prof)pipelines strength calculations with Soil module

OFFPIPEoffshore pipelines strength and stability calculations

Sage Profile 3D (FUGRO)stressed-deformed state calculation for pipelines laying in the offshore soil

Geo.Seriesexport pipelines design, routes, axial and cross sections construction

Plaxis 3D Foundationstresseddeformed state calculation for the system «substructure – foundation – structure» by finite-element method in the three-dimensional problem conditions

ANSYS Mechanicalstrength, stability and dynamic impact structural calculation

AUTODESK ROBOT STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS PROFESSIONAL – structures and facilities calculation for strength, stability and dynamic force analysis

IDEA StatiCA – steel structures nodes and members calculation

SCAD strength analysis and structural design

ЛИРАСАПР PRO (LIRA – SAPR PRO)structural calculations and design

Фундамент (Foundation)calculations and construction of all foundation types external loads on fixed offshore platforms (ballasting, stability, wind loads, currents, and wave and ice disturbance)

Диалог-Статик (Dialog-Static)calculations of buoyancy, displacement vessels stability including FDR

Model Studio CS ЛЭП (HVTL)calculation and issue of the documentation package at design of the overhead power lines of all voltage classes

ElectriCS ЕСРexport pipelines electrochemical protection calculations

Model Studio CS Молниезащита (Lightning protection)  - calculation and 3D interactive design of buildings, structures and open areas lightning protection

EnergyCS Электрика (Electrical) - design and calculation of AC/DC distribution networks

CREDO PCprocessing of engineering-geodetic surveys

MapInfo 10.0geo-information system

GeoniCS design of general plans and vertical leveling of objects

Toxi+Risksimulation of hazardousproduction facilities events


The OOO «VolgogradNIPImorneft» is equipped with up-to-date computing and duplicating equipment that cover needs of production departments and services of the company in full volume.

Joint work is also secured by modern, fault-tolerant and failsafe data storage system, advanced system of network and server architecture management based on HP, IBM and Cisco companies’ equipment.

Local computer network of the company incorporates about 200 personal computers, 10 A4, A0 scanners, more than 50 printers of A4, A3, A0 formats.

The company has a wide experience of computer technologies application in design and surveying works and is equipped with the equipment required for production of design and survey documentation on high technological level.